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We are a trusted South African industry leader in the supply of photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses. We specialise in the design and installation of high quality bespoke and bankable solar energy generation, battery storage and hybrid solutions, both at utility and small scale.

BrightHouse also supplies business back-up systems nationwide with finance options.

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Quality Solar  and  Battery Back-up Solutions - Finance Available


"My turnover does not decrease during load shedding, best decision I have made. Brighthouse keeps me trading."

Renée Brindeau, Coffee Shop Owner.


"What has been most impressive is their after-sales service (which is usually the downside of using contracting companies and consultants) – they, however, followed-up with us (and still do), and even performed a service on the multiple panels on our property. We are completely satisfied as customer of BrightHouse Solar, and would highly recommend them to any prospective customers and even customers looking to upgrade their power current generation and storage systems.” Prof. Kurt April 

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Solar PV Systems

Our team of experts design and install solar systems to the highest Greencard and SAPVIA standards. Our installations are aesthetically pleasing and affordable. We offer a range of value-added services such as comprehensive software-powered needs assessments, site assessments and photovoltaic (PV) system design simulation and optimisation by our team of highly qualified engineers.


Energy Storage Systems

BrightHouse Energy offers an array of quality solar energy storage solutions, including the Tesla PowerWall, offering standby power and remote monitoring.

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