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BrightHouse Energy Vision and Mission


  • We care about the planet and how we live on it.

  • We want to inspire and help home and business owners to embrace clean, cost-effective and planet-saving self-generated renewable energy.

  • We want to empower South Africans to be energy independent during this time of energy insecurity.

  • We pursue the highest ethical product and service quality standards in the field of photovoltaics, at the most cost-efficient pricing


For this reason, we practice a high-touch, high-tech philosophy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Installation Highlights


  • First grid tied residential system in SA to feed- back to the grid legally, under municipal contract, 2014.

  • In total, close to 4MW of rooftop solar deployed and 2MWh energy stored to date.

  • First PV Green Card in SA.

  • SAPVIA Associate and founding member.

  • Our instalment sale solution eliminates the need for large capital outlays in order to invest in solar and storage.

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