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What We Do

BrightHouse Solar is a solar energy company based in Cape Town. We design and install photovoltaic systems for a variety of residential and commercial customers.

All of our designs are compliant with international standards and we utilise only the best available technology on the market. We pay meticulous attention to aesthetic appearance of the installation and ensure that our clients get sound financial returns on their investment while benefiting the environment at the same time.

Our Portfolio


Would you like to be at the forefront of renewable energy and convert your home to solar power?


Let BrightHouse help you invest in a long-term sustainable future that is both beneficial & bright.

Take a look at some of our installations in the residential tier.



Do you have a commercial property you would like to convert to solar energy?


BrightHouse Solar offers solar energy solutions for a variety of commercial spaces - from office buildings and schools to small shopping centers and hotels. Let us get you covered during load shedding and keep you productive. 

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