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Family Home

Designer Insight

"As our client had a relatively modest bill it did not make financial sense to sign them onto the City’s feed-in scheme. Instead, the system constantly measures our client’s power consumption and if necessary curtails their PV generation to ensure power is not exported to the grid."

Site Specifications

  • Location: Noordhoek

  • Panel Type: First Solar

  • Inverter Type: SMA

  • System Size: 4.62 kWp

  • Annual Yield: 7,607MWh

  • Annual Saving: R15 000

  • Annual Carbon Offset: 7 tonnes

Client's Testimonial

"I can state that BrightHouse Solar have engineered, installed and commissioned a highly effective, low maintenance and reasonably priced PV system, with long-term warranties on components. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to others as a 5-star team."


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