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As a business owner you need to focus on your trading.


BrightHouse is a well-respected and experienced company that understands solar and battery systems and how to perform perfect installations.  The heartbeat of any company is its staff and the staff of Brighthouse collectively has deep experience in both utility scale and small-scale supply of electricity utilising various generation and storage technologies. BrightHouse is customer focussed to provide the most cost-efficient system fit for purpose.


Our Proposal

Standardised - BrightHouse recommends a standardised range of battery systems to equip each store to optimally trade during load shedding or other power outages.

Industry Leading Product Range - BrightHouse energy storage systems are based on Tier 1, industry leading products that are well supported in South Africa. We recommend and use Victron Energy topology and lithium-ion battery technology which offers high quality with accessible guarantees and warranties.

Optimal Performance - BrightHouse will measure electricity consumption in each store prior to installation to ensure the appropriate system for each store, thereby managing costs and performance optimally.

Store Security - The BrightHouse unit’s priority is to maintain the stores security systems as active during load shedding or other power interruptions.

Scalability - BrightHouse, utilising its state-of-the-art ERP system, has the ability to install nationwide and ensure quality of installation at each site, applying the correct health and safety standards with the correct commissioning sign offs and to schedule.

Ease of Installation - The BrightHouse unit is a singular unit designed for aesthetics, space saving and ease of installation.


Remote Monitoring - Post installation, BrightHouse has the ability to remotely monitor each installed system to ensure that each unit is working at optimum efficiency and also to remotely manage recharge cycles to ensure the unit is always aligned with Eskom or Municipal load shedding cycles.


Peace of Mind - The BrightHouse team provides a full service from installation to monitoring, always ensuring that your stores have available electricity to trade.

BrightHouse Service Level Agreements


BrightHouse provides a statistical analysis of the performance of each installation every month.  A technician will monitor the performance of each unit and optimise its settings taking local variances into account. Adjustments in settings may become necessary, in cases of system software updates or changes in consumption behaviour.


In the unlikely event of failures or trips of the system, the technician will run online fault-finding routines and will reset the system parameters or reboot the software. The majority of failures can be corrected online and provides substantial security for the owner.


A dedicated telephone hotline to our Engineering Department is available during trading hours.


On-site intervention, in case of system failures which cannot be remotely resolved. In this situation, a service technician will come to site and provide on-site maintenance.


In the unlikely event of the failure of a component, BrightHouse Solar will replace the defective component within twenty-four hours. De-installation, shipment, communication and re-installation will be at the cost of BrightHouse Solar.


Whilst we perform the above services to ensure peace of mind, your company still has full control. Our Remote Management system provides you with full access to the very extensive controls and settings of all system components. It allows a remote user and installer login - from anywhere, at any time. This powerful application also provides for hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information. 


You’ll be able to monitor and manage your system within the app. After logging in with your VRM account you’ll be able to see all your sites in a list. Selecting a site will allow you to see its system diagram, current system status and energy flow.


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